Welcome to the official website of AutumnBreeze K9's! Here in Michigan, we specialize in raising and breeding the best quality canines possible. Our Shih Tzu's,   Pomeranians, are selectively chosen. Disposition and personality are the key elements of enjoying your pet.  We make it a top priority to provide this quality in all of our canines. 

At AutumnBreeze you recieve a 100% 5 year
genetic health guarantee,****** .we are happy to send our documentation for this guarantee!!!. Check out  the rest of the website to see some pictures  to get a glimps of  our establishment. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail with any question or concerns!
Michigan is the place!

"Could you move over just a little"?

Can we help you decide on what kind of breed would best suite you? Lets start with the pomeranian puppies. Pomeranains are very easy to keep groomed. Pomeranian Puppies are very loyal and non aggressive. Pomeranians also come in a variety of colors. Pomeranian Puppies are also very playful and very intelligent. A suitable size for a pomeranian should weigh around 5 to 6 lbs. 
As for the shih tzu breed; shih tzu's require regular grooming. On the bright side they are non shedding. Shih tzu puppies are usually very layed back and rarely bark. Shih tzu'puppies are very trainable dogs. The suitable size for a shih tzu is 7 to 12 lbs. Shih tzu's  have a lot of expression in their faces.


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Welcome to Autumnbreezek9s
During our kennel inspection for the state of Michigan, Officer Solva and her affiliate Patty enjoy there visit!!

Dental care is a top priority!!
We produce some great lines!

Our puppies are raised under foot .Very secure when they go to a new home!!


Please contact me on alternative shipping details. 
There are new USDA laws out now  that restrict quality in home breeders. The pet stores are exempt from these laws and large mass producing puppy mills that are already USDA licensed! 
Guess where most pet stores get their puppies?!!!!!
Need I say more!!!!!